ⓘ Blanketflower. Gaillardia is a genus of flowering plants in the sunflower family, Asteraceae, native to North and South America. It was named after Maitre Gaill ..


ⓘ Blanket flower

Gaillardia is a genus of flowering plants in the sunflower family, Asteraceae, native to North and South America. It was named after Maitre Gaillard de Charentonneau, an 18th-century French magistrate who was an enthusiastic botanist. The common name may refer to the resemblance of the inflorescence to the brightly patterned blankets made by Native Americans, or to the ability of wild taxa to blanket the ground with colonies. Many cultivars have been bred for ornamental use.


1. Description

These are annual or perennial herbs or subshrubs, sometimes with rhizomes. The stem is usually branching and erect to a maximum height around 80 centimeters 31.5 inches. The leaves are alternately arranged. Some taxa have only basal leaves. They vary in shape. They are glandular in most species. The inflorescence is a solitary flower head. The head can have 15 or more ray florets, while some taxa lack any ray florets. They can be almost any shade of yellow, orange, red, purplish, brown, white, or bicolored. They are sometimes rolled into a funnel shape. There are many tubular disc florets at the center of the head in a similar range of colors, and usually tipped with hairs. The fruit usually has a pappus of scales.


2. Ecology

Gaillardia species are used as food plants by the caterpillars of some Lepidoptera species, including Schinia bina which has been recorded on G. pulchella, Schinia masoni which feeds exclusively on G. aristata and Schinia volupia which feeds exclusively on G. pulchella.


3. Species

Species include:

  • Gaillardia aestivalis Walter H.Rock – lanceleaf blanketflower southeastern USA
  • Gaillardia megapotamica var. scabiosoides
  • Gaillardia gypsophila B.L.Turner - Coahuila
  • Gaillardia megapotamica Spreng. Baker - Argentina – boton de oro
  • Gaillardia henricksonii B.L.Turner - Coahuila
  • Gaillardia amblyodon J.Gay – maroon blanketflower - Texas
  • Gaillardia comosa A.Gray - northern Mexico
  • Gaillardia aristata Pursh – common gaillardia - Canada, northern + western USA
  • Gaillardia doniana Hook. & Arn. Griseb. - Argentina
  • Gaillardia megapotamica var. radiata San Luis, Argentina
  • Gaillardia arizonica A.Gray – Arizona blanketflower - Sonora, southwestern USA
  • Gaillardia coahuilensis B.L.Turner – bandanna daisy - Coahuila, Texas
  • Gaillardia cabrerae Lihue Calel, Argentina
  • Gaillardia turneri Averett & A.M.Powell - Chihuahua
  • Gaillardia tontalensis San Juan Province, Argentina
  • Gaillardia pulchella Foug. – firewheel - southern + central USA, central Canada, northern Mexico
  • Gaillardia mexicana A.Gray - northeastern Mexico
  • Gaillardia powellii B.L.Turner - Coahuila
  • Gaillardia multiceps Greene – onion blanketflower - Arizona, Texas, New Mexico
  • Gaillardia parryi Greene – Parrys blanketflower - Utah, Arizona
  • Gaillardia pinnatifida Torr. – red dome blanketflower - northern Mexico, western USA
  • Gaillardia serotina Walter H. Rock - southeastern USA
  • Gaillardia spathulata A.Gray – western blanketflower - Utah, Colorado
  • Gaillardia suavis A.Gray & Engelm. Britton & Rusby – perfumeballs - northeastern Mexico, south-central USA


3.1. Species Formerly placed here

  • Helenium amarum Raf. H.Rock var. amarum as G. amara Raf.
  • Tetraneuris acaulis Pursh Greene var. acaulis as G. acaulis Pursh
  • it creates each of the 14 Championship race garlands. The official blanket of flower garland is made of the rare combinations of Beauty Asters, Golden
  • The blanket flower moth Schinia masoni is a moth of the family Noctuidae. It is found in North America, including Colorado and Wyoming. The wingspan
  • Gaillardia pulchella firewheel, Indian blanket Indian blanketflower, or sundance is a North American species of short - lived perennial or annual flowering
  • Bernard Ben Hana, a.k.a. Blanket Man was a homeless man who wandered the inner city streets of Wellington, New Zealand. He was a local fixture and
  • their blanket their Million Dollar Flowers It has a Magnolia backing that is topped with a red and white peppermint striped broad - brimmed blanket It
  • Bedfordia arborescens, known as the blanket leaf, is a shrub or small tree of south eastern Australia. It occurs in or around temperate rainforests in
  • frost flowers has a direct impact on the morphology as well as the thickness and absorbency of the ice, snow coverage and the blanket of frost flowers The
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  • active from March to November. Among plants visited are Bidens, Padus, blanket flower bush clover, Eryngium, Hypericum, Monarda, sumac, and Vaccinium. Hatfield
  • Bedfordia arborescens tree blanket leaf - eastern Australia Senecio bedfordii F.Muell Bedfordia linearis slender blanket leaf - Tasmania Cacalia linearis
  • Bettada Hoovu transl. Mountain Flower is a 1985 Indian Kannada - language film directed by N. Lakshminarayan and produced by Parvathamma Rajkumar. The
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  • plant grows 60 90 cm tall in full sun and is often found blanketing hillsides the flowers can range from red to orange to yellow, or mixed, and bloom
  • The Yumthang Valley or Sikkim Valley of Flowers sanctuary, is a nature sanctuary with river, hot springs, yaks and grazing pasture on rolling meadows
  • clothing, blankets and hats to create designs for mats or rugs. Using coins as templates, they created circles and each piece was then stitched in blanket stitch
  • They can quickly spread by way of long, creeping stems. By crowding out, blanketing and smothering other plants, morning glory has turned into a serious invasive
  • of California, Gaillardia aristata Pursh, Blanketflower, common Indian blanket common gaillardia Biota of North America Program 2014 state - level distribution
  • American name given to Pony Blanket Pony Blanket was a Northern Paiute leader in the Oregon Country in the 19th century. Pony Blanket known to American settlers
  • Nemophila phacelioides, commonly called large - flower baby - blue - eyes or Texas baby - blue - eyes, is a flowering plant in the waterleaf family Hydrophyllaceae
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  • today, came into full flower in the 1920s. Great Lakes and Prairie tribes are known for their ribbonwork, found on clothing and blankets Strips of silk ribbons

  • Maryland, has been termed The Run for the Black - Eyed Susans because a blanket of Viking Poms, a variety of chrysanthemums resembling black - eyed Susans
  • PhD Khalid Sarwar - Serial Entrepreneur, Animals Rights Activist, Afghan Blanket Collector Dr. Hussain Ramoz - Human Rights Activist, Civil Society and
  • a blanket and the specific epithet grandiflora is derived from the Latin words grandis meaning noble or magnificent and flos meaning flower
  • annual plant with many flower heads. The domestic sunflower, however, often possesses only a single large inflorescence flower head atop an unbranched
  • supermarket. In September, 2008, residents of the town were shocked to see a blanket of hail resembling snow covering their land. I have not seen such a thing
  • old saris and cloth and layer them with kantha stitching to make a light blanket throw, or bedspread, especially for children. Kantha is very popular with
  • seasons each possessing a unique characteristic. Winter brings a heavy blanket of powder snow spring sees the bloom of cherry blossoms and sucklings

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