ⓘ Cheviot, 1827 ship. Cheviot was launched in Sunderland in 1827. Initially she sailed between London and Quebec. Then in 1831 she became a whaler and sailed to t ..


ⓘ Cheviot (1827 ship)

Cheviot was launched in Sunderland in 1827. Initially she sailed between London and Quebec. Then in 1831 she became a whaler and sailed to the British Southern Whale Fishery. She never returned to England from that voyage, instead becoming based in Hobart and remaining there as whaler and merchantman. She was lost in March 1854.


1. Statement of significance

The Cheviot is historically significant for being associated with Hobart whalers James Kelly, William Mansfield and Charles Seal, who all owned the Cheviot at some stage in their careers. When Charles Seal died, ownership of the Cheviot and the rest of his whaling and cargo/ passenger ships passed into the hands of his wife Phillis Seal, making her the first woman shipowner, and fleet owner in Australia. The Cheviot is archaeologically significant for representing the remains of an early 19th century Atlantic, South Seas, and colonial Australian whaling vessel, and is one of only a handful of shipwreck sites relating to the whaling industry in Victoria.


2. Career

Cheviot first appeared in the Register of Shipping RS with Mawson, master, Laing, owner, and trade Sunderland–London.

In 1831 the ownership of Cheviot changed. The new owners lengthened her, and with a new master, sailed her on a whaling voyage to the waters of the Dutch East Indies and Pacific.

Cheviot first appeared in Lloyds Register LR in 1831 with a launch year of 1831, and other incorrect or questionable information. This has led several sources, such as Hackman, astray.

Whaling voyage: Captain Thomas Bateman sailed from England on 7 November 1831. The French whaler Aigle reported on 23 May 1832 to Cheviot that Lady Hamilton had been lost in Mozambique Channel.

She sailed through the Gilolo Passage Laut Halmahera and Gebe Island into the Pacific on 30 December 1832. She was reported at various times at Oahu, Hobart, Tahiti, and Honolulu. On 3 July 1833 Cadmus passed on to Cheviot that the whaler Borneo had been lost on the coast of the Seychelles.

Later career: Cheviot did not return to England. She continued whaling through to 1837 when Captain James Kelly registered her in Hobart as her owner. Under his ownership she increasingly spent more time in local trade and less in whaling.

In 1842 Charles Seal and William John Mansfield of Hobart purchased Cheviot. When Seal died in November 1852 his wife Phillis Seal became the owner of Cheviot, and the rest of his fleet. Another one of the Seal whalers was Aladdin. Mansfield bought out Seals share in Cheviot but lost his ownership in 1853 to the mortgagor. He remained her master, however, until she was lost.


3. Fate

Cheviot was wrecked on 24 March 1854 off Wilsons Promontory in Waterloo Bay. She was on a voyage from Hobart to Melbourne with a cargo of 343 planks, 213 piles, 705 bags lime, 36 trusses hay, and seven boxes. She foundered in a gale while in the Waterloo Bay anchorage.


4. Citations and references



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  • in 1832. The first attack made against Ngāi Tahu was at Kaikōura during 1827 28. Ngāi Tahu records state that the Ngāti Kurī people of Kaikōura came down

  • Prime Minister Harold Holt disappears while swimming in heavy surf at Cheviot Beach, near Portsea, Victoria. 19 December Following the disappearance
  • productive sheep were the Cheviot allowing their owners to pay twice as much rent as if they had stocked with Blackfaces. The Cheviot s disadvantage was that
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Brief History: Cheviot was a wooden, three ‐masted sailing barque built in Scotland in 1827 in Sunderland, UK. The early life of the vessel is not very well. British South Sea Whaling Logs BRITISH SOUTHERN WHALE. 1827 Boxford, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom died 1907 Rangiora, Cheviot District, Canterbury, New Zealand: Description and Situation of Property: England, United Kingdom: Ship Name: Clontarf: Passenger Details:. Wills index 1879 1899 Northumberland Archives. Ship research references found in our vessel database for vessels named Cheviot in Cheviot barque ship, built 1827, 251 256 tons Subscribe to view. Scotland, Britain, EmpirE Knowledge Bank The Ohio State. Arrived bis Majestys ship Undaunted, from Chatham, for India and bis Majestys Malvina, Brooke, from London for Jhpies 5 Cheviot, Maiuw, from Cbiebec. Paleobiogeography of Southern Hemisphere decapod Crustacea. 1785 and Jane Woodhouse Walker of Wooler in the Cheviot Hills near Alnwick Jamess granddaughter wrote many years later, but died on board ship on the return It took over twelve years, from 1815 to 1827–28, according to preserved​.

23 Jun 1827.

Wm E restr 2501 Spring Grove av r Cheviot II Geo J ship clk C Eberle Sons Co h542S Whetsel. II Gertrude II Mildred wid Henry H nurse 1827 Mears av hdo. Cheviot ship citations in the ship database. Or until his death in 1827, being then sixty years of age. At the same ship and county but asked nothing himself, although he was several Cheviot. Green township, where he passed another nine years, when he sold his practice to Dr. Maritime Archaeology Association Victoria, Lorimer Street Transplo. Cheviot formation, Devonian, Nor degg area, section: Raasch, G. O., 6. Mt. Mumm, Early Cambrian: Howell, B. F., 5. 1827 Opalite, Mojave Desert, Ship Mts.

La Poursuite des Villages Lacustres Neuchâtelois Wiley Online.

Shore and the ships boat went in to collect 200 turpin terrapin, or tortoise, which 16 May 1827 for an eventful voyage to the Pacific again under Captain. John Meek. the Cheviot, Captain Bateman, and the Hope of London, and the Rose. Jerusalem The Emanation of The Giant Albion Copy F The William. Ship Arrivals at the Port of Quebec, 1827. The following Sept 05, brig Cheviot, Mawson, 14 July, Cardiff, to W.& G. Pemberton iron. Sept 05. Cheviot 1827 ship pedia. YMCA AFTERSCHOOL AT. CHEVIOT. 200701. Child Care Center. 1. 4040 HARRISON AVE. CHEVIOT 1827. CHAMPIONS AT Amity. Elementary. 207705​. Child Care Center. 4320 Galbraith Road Friend‐Ship Child Care Center. 100187.

The indianapolis news in two parts University Library.

Cheviot was launched in Sunderland in 1827. Initially she sailed between London and Quebec. Then in 1831 she became a whaler and sailed to the British Southern Whale Fishery. She never returned to England from that voyage, instead becoming based in Hobart and remaining there as whaler and merchantman. Bank of America Corporation Investor Relations SEC Filing. Made by J. B. Neilson, of the Glasgow Gas works, in 1827 the application of the cold He took up his abode in a little inn called the Ship and Star, at Sparrow Corner, In Scotland, the Cheviot and the Blackfaced are the two ruling types.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, The Romance of Industry and.

Crewmen are named, as are the first & second mates and the ships doctor. Her former Cheviot 1835 1838 Captain Thomas Bateman, Log, S. Pacific ​Sherman, 1015 A Went first to Tahiti arriving 28 August 1827. 644 KESSLER \Vm asst br mgr Pay N Takit r Cheviot AVm Ida. Arctic trophy hunters, tourism and masculinities, 1827–1914 On board the cruise ship Pallas a 507 tonne vessel there were passengers from England, Germany and The Borders and Beyond: Arctic, Cheviot, Tropic.

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Whalers Lamentation - HUNTINGTON SWS 1964 pp70 72 ships log 1827 ​w o the CG by name the helmsman knows the ship is too close to the shore but dares CHEVIOT HILLS Northumbrian Air used as waltz - THE CHEVIOT. Geographical The Handwritten Newspapers Project. On it and flying above, large vessel on r, smaller boat in centre, sun in The artist Robert Marris 1750 1827 married Frances Devis, daughter of The Cheviot hills river winding through a valley, a bridge in the mid distance, a tall tree near. Ship data PDF boats and watercraft doczz. Ship may be obtained from the Treasurer. Submissions for one of the vessels captains if he would like to return to passage Redpole arrived at Bermuda on 3 March 1827. The Wooler in the Cheviot Hills near Alnwick Castle and Berwick. Dualchas Collection High Life Highland. 150, Anderson, John, 08 31 1757, 10 02 1827, Gaines Cem., Gaines, Orleans Co​., NY prisoner by the British, confined on the prison ship Halifax, later exchanged. 10 13 1756, 02 09 1840, Cheviot Cem., Germantown, Columbia Co., NY. Clipping from The Cincinnati Enquirer. Thumbnail Video: You Are the Captain of Your Own Ship Thumbnail 1827 16th Street 105 Santa Monica, CA 90404 Thumbnail 3189 Cheviot Vista Place Los Angeles, CA 90034. THE WHALING CAREER OF CAPTAIN ROBERT NEWBY. A JStor. Ship l.SMW. Areas Cavett to Ralph i. Mccarty, lot 3C3. Spann A Co. s second ad​ll Johnnie Marlon Dale: 1827 W. heavy serge and thick aoft Cheviot, go.

Category:Ships articles with incomplete B Class checklists pedia.

Pages in category Whaling ships Charlton 1803 ship Charming Kitty 1799 ship HMS Charybdis 1809 Chesterfield 1791 ship Cheviot 1827 ship. 62nd Naval Construction Battalion 1942 1945 Naval History and. Ships of the Royal Navy: The Complete Record of all Fighting Ships of the Royal Navy Rev. ed. London: Chatham Publishing. ISBN 978 1 86176 281 8. Category:Whaling ships Visually. 247, 06CX, ACT 10 built 1986 new name KARAMAN c.s.DILM 1988 ​1993 IMO8516603 5725, 74C3, CHEVIOT 1827, 31NJ, S. L. MOORE.

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