ⓘ LIESB and ACAS are the alloys of carnival that organize the parades conducted outside the Marquês de Sapucai. The LIESB took over the organization of the lower ..



LIESB and ACAS are the alloys of carnival that organize the parades conducted outside the Marquês de Sapucai. The LIESB took over the organization of the lower level divisions. In 2015, disagreements on the board of AESCRJ led the organization to suffer intervention by RioTur on the eve of the carnival. because of this, after the carnival that year came the LIESB and Samba e Nosso. where twelve of fourteen guilds of the Serie B decide founded the LIESB and part of the samba schools Serie B and all schools of Series C, D, E in Samba e Nosso.

However, the aim of LIESB aim has not been officially disclosed, and they have already set up their first parade order, which was held in May 2015 and the elected the then vice-president of the Portela, Marcos Falcon its new representative. However, with schools migrating from alloys, caused a commotion where who took command of the Intendente Magalhães.

Although the organization came to get authorization from Riotur to administer all groups in Intendente, The LIESB also managed to authorization, generating even more the impasse that was only defined after meeting at RioTur which determined Serie B with LIESB and S amba e Nosso with the other groups. but with the death of Marcos Falcon, who was also president of the Portela, shot dead, the Samba e Nosso decided the lower level leagues be organized by a singular organization thus the LIESB besides Series B is responsible for the Series C, D, and E schools.

While the losing schools of the E Series are stripped of parading status for Carnival and the lower placing schools in each of the other series is placed one level below in the next year, the winner of the lowel level divisions advances to higher levels, the Series B winner advances to the A Series, joins as a full member of LIERJ and therefore granted its Sambodrome privilege with the non-subsidy. In time for the 2018 Carnival season LIESB jointly decided to transfer the control of the E Series to ACAS, which reorganized it to suit not just veteran schools but also some new schools being formed within the Greater Rio area.



Series B

  • União do Parque Curicica
  • Arame de Ricardo
  • Imperio da Uva Nova Iguaçu
  • Tradição
  • Lins Imperial
  • Acadêmicos do Jardim Bangu
  • União do Parque Acari
  • Em Cima da Hora
  • União de Marica
  • Unidos de Lucas
  • Siri de Ramos
  • Alegria da Zona Sul
  • Acadêmicos do Engenho da Rainha

Series C

  • Arranco
  • Independentes de Olaria
  • União de Jacarepagua
  • Unidos da Villa Rica
  • Unidos da Vila Kennedy
  • Dificil e o Nome
  • Sereno de Campo Grande
  • Unidos do Jacarezinho
  • Flor da Mina do Andarai
  • Unidos da Vila Santa Tereza
  • Botafogo Samba Clube
  • Vizinha Faladeira
  • Passa Regua

Series D

  • Acadêmicos da Abolição
  • Rosa de Ouro
  • Independente da Praça da Bandeira São João de Meriti
  • Mocidade de Vicente de Carvalho
  • Imperadores Rubro-Negros
  • Leão de Nova Iguaçu Nova Iguaçu
  • Acadêmicos da Diversidade
  • Unidos de Cosmos
  • Unidos de Manguinhos
  • Imperio Ricardense
  • Unidos do Cabuçu


Series E

  • Feitiço do Rio
  • Arrastão de Cascadura
  • Mocidade Unida da Cidade de Deus
  • Acadêmicos do Dendê
  • Caprichosos de Pilares
  • Alegria do Vilar São João de Meriti
  • Chatuba de Mesquita
  • Mocidade Unida do Santa Marta
  • Coroado de Jacarepagua
  • Unidos da Barra da Tijuca
  • however the LIESB does not have conditions to take the parade of the Serie E, and handed over the management of this series and its schools to ACAS which

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