ⓘ Booths primrose. Eremothera boothii is a species of wildflower known as Booths evening primrose. This plant is native to the western United States and northwest ..

Booths primrose

ⓘ Booths evening primrose

Eremothera boothii is a species of wildflower known as Booths evening primrose. This plant is native to the western United States and northwestern Mexico where it is most abundant in arid areas such as deserts. This is an annual plant with hairy reddish-green stems and mottled foliage. The stem ends in a nodding inflorescence of many small flowers which may be white to red or yellowish, often with darker shades on the external surfaces of the four spoon-shaped petals. They have long stamens with clublike yellowish anthers. Flowers of this species tend to open at dusk rather than dawn as in many other Camissonia. The fruit is a twisted capsule one to 3 centimeters long. Plant appearances may vary across subspecies.

There are several subspecies:

  • E. b. ssp. boothii
  • E. b. ssp. intermedia
  • E. b. ssp. alyssoides - Pine Creek evening primrose, alyssum evening primrose
  • E. b. ssp. desertorum - desert suncup
  • E. b. ssp. condensata - shredding suncup
  • E. b. ssp. decorticans - shredding suncup
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  • Milwaukee published early in his career Easter in a Hospital Bed, and The Primrose Path of Dalliance. Late in his life, when he had substantially departed
  • Minister William Ewart Gladstone Liberal until 2 March Archibald Primrose 5th Earl of Rosebery Liberal starting 5 March Parliament 25th 15
  • Booth 1880 George Gaffe 1907 Willie Lewis Luttmann 1930 Cuthbert E. Osmond 1937 Albert Charles Tysoe 1947 Meredith Davies 1951 Claude Peter Primrose Burton
  • Oenothera californica evening primrose Onagraceae Oenothera primiveris subsp. bufonis yellow evening primrose spring evening primrose Onagraceae Oligomeris
  • Scott Fitzgerald s The Diamond as Big as the Ritz John Collier s Evening Primrose about people who live inside a department store, was later adapted
  • Brett Palos, property developer Theo Paphitis, Dragons Den star Harry Primrose Lord Dalmeny, deputy chairman of Sotheby s UK Rami Ranger, founder of
  • Is Paris Burning? 1966 For American television, he appeared in Evening Primrose 1966 He then went to Broadway to appear in a play by Neil Simon
  • evening primrose Oenothera drummondii Berlandier s sundrops Oenothera berlandieri Booth s suncup Eremothera boothii California evening primrose
  • Newcastle Evening Chronicle. 7 June 2005. Retrieved 8 June 2013. Manders, 1973: 152 Manders, 1973: 157 Gateshead Blue Plaques. Catherine and William Booth
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  • British Isles. London: Lloyd s Register of Shipping. Permanent memorial to Booth s factory fire in Huddersfield unveiled Huddersfield Examiner. 5 November
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