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Turner Broadcasting System Russia


Turner Broadcasting System Spain


Turner Broadcasting System Sweden


Turner Broadcasting System UK & Ireland


Dongan Engine Manufacturing Company

The Dongan Engine Manufacturing Company is a Chinese engine manufacturer founded in 1948. Also known as the Harbin Engine Factory it first produced the HS7 a 14-cylinder radial piston engine for the Z-5 helicopter.


SCI Aviation

SCI Aviation is a Chinese aircraft engine manufacturer. SCI Aviation started as an aircraft engine manufacturer when it bought the rights to the Sadler Radial engine originally intended for the Denny Kitfox homebuilt. The engine is redesigned and ...


Aeros (motorcycle)

Designed by Franz Bezina, the Aeros was manufactured between 1927 and 1929, and featured a BMW-inspired frame with a leaf spring fork and 347cc and 497cc three-valve overhead camshaft single-cylinder engines.


Luas templates


Christian radio stations in Mexico


Radio stations in Aguascalientes


Radio stations in Baja California


Radio stations in Chihuahua


Radio stations in Colima


Radio stations in Guanajuato


Radio stations in Guerrero


Radio stations in the State of Mexico


Radio stations in Michoacan


Radio stations in Morelos


Radio stations in Oaxaca


Radio stations in Puebla


Radio stations in Tabasco


Radio stations in Tamaulipas


Radio stations in Tlaxcala


Radio stations in Veracruz


Azteca 7 affiliates


Azteca Uno transmitters


Canal 5 (Mexico) transmitters


Las Estrellas affiliates


Nueve (Mexican TV network) affiliates


Televisa Regional

Televisa Regional is a unit of Televisa which owns and operates television stations across Mexico. The stations rebroadcast programming from Televisas other networks, and they engage in the local production of newscasts and other programs. Televi ...




Antena TV

Antena TV before called Antena Norte is a Peruvian television station, which transmits its signal since 2003, from Trujillo city for several cities of Peru. The channel is operated by Grupo NORTEL - RED TV company. It was one of the first regiona ...


Ozono Television

Ozono Television is a television broadcast channel in Trujillo city in northern Peru. It was aired on August 23, 2008 and it is intended to be an information channel whose recurring theme is the care of the environment. Its programming also revol ...


Sol Television

Sol Television or Sol TV is a Peruvian television station, which transmits its signal since 2003, from Trujillo city for Peru. The channel belongs to the company Cruzado Saucedo. It was the first regional channel airing in the city of Trujillo.


UCV Satelital

UCV Satelital is a Peruvian television network with regular broadcasts since 2003 and belongs to the Cesar Vallejo University. Emits its signal from Victor Larco District of Trujillo city and some programs are in their respective affiliates in ot ...


RSC Energia


Ships of Azov Shipping Company


Ships of Far East Shipping Company


Alcoa 50.000 ton forging press

The Alcoa 50.000 ton forging press is a heavy press that was built as part of the Heavy Press Program by the United States Air Force. It was manufactured by Mesta Machinery of West Homestead, Pennsylvania and began operation on May 5, 1955. Alcoa ...


Calderwood, Tennessee

Calderwood was a community once located along the Little Tennessee River in Blount County, Tennessee, United States. Established in 1912 as a base for the Aluminum Company of Americas Little Tennessee Valley hydroelectric development operations, ...


Hardaway Site

The Hardaway Site, designated by the Smithsonian trinomial 31ST4, is a archaeological site near Badin, North Carolina. A National Historic Landmark, this multi-layered site has seen major periods of occupation as far back as 10.000 years. Materia ...


Howmet Castings


Sandow Lakes Ranch

The Sandow Lakes Ranch is a 33.800-acre ranch in Texas, U.S. It spans three counties, including Milam County, Texas, There are 14 lakes on the ranch and "48.379 acre feet of water" from the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer. It was acquired by Alcoa in the ...


Alcoa Power Generating dams


Arconic people


Aluminum Hall of Fame


Isle Casino Waterloo

The casino opened June 30, 2007, after significant lobbying by the Black Hawk County Gaming Association to bring a casino to this area of the state. At the time of opening, the casino was operated by Isle of Capri Casinos. On May 1, 2017, Isle of ...


Mount Rose Station

Mount Rose Station is a proposed hotel and casino located at the intersection of Herz Boulevard and Mount Rose Highway next to The Summit in Reno, Nevada. The land is owned by Station Casinos and is located on 88 acres of land. The building desig ...


Station Casino Reno

Station Casino Reno is a proposed hotel and casino located at the intersection of Kietzke Lane and South Virginia Street next to the Reno-Sparks Convention Center in Reno, Nevada. The land is owned by Station Casinos and is located on 8 acres of ...


Bay State Glass Co.

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