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Foca-class submarines


Foxtrot-class submarines


French 600 Series submarines


British G-class submarines


Gal-class submarines


Gato-class submarines


German Type UB I submarines


Glauco-class submarines


Gotland-class submarines


Hai Lung-class submarines


Hai Shih-class submarines


Hajen-class submarines


Harushio-class submarines


Hashmat-class submarines


Havmanden-class submarines (1911)


Hayashio-class submarines


Heroine-class submarines


I-121-class submarines


I-201-class submarines


I-351-class submarines


I-400-class submarines


Italian 600 Series submarines


British J-class submarines


Type J1 submarines


Type J3 submarines


Junsen type submarines


British K-class submarines


Norwegian K-class submarines


Soviet K-class submarines


K III-class submarines


K V-class submarines


K XI-class submarines


K XIV-class submarines


Ro-35-class submarines


Kaichū type submarines


Kaidai-class submarines


Kalev-class submarines


Katsonis-class submarines


Type KD6 submarines


Type KD7 submarines


Khalid-class submarines


Kilo-class submarines


Kobben-class submarines


British L-class submarines


Japanese Type L submarines


Lagrange-class submarines


Liuzzi-class submarines


British M-class submarines


Marcello-class submarines


Marconi-class submarines

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