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Bearsuit first came to public attention following their championing by Radio 1 DJ John Peel, and their debut single "Hey Charlie, Hey Chuck" was voted number four in the Peel programmes Festive Fifty of 2001. They recorded four Peel Sessions in 2 ...


Fleetway and IPC Comics creators


Plymouth Gold

Plymouth Gold is a radio station broadcasting to the city of Plymouth in Devon and surrounding areas. It is owned by GCap Media and was part of the national Classic Gold Digital Network. It broadcasts on 1152 kHz AM, DAB digital radio, as well as ...


XFM Scotland (2006)

XFM Scotland was a regional radio station broadcasting to Scotlands Central Belt, an area surrounding the two cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh. The station changed format to join the Galaxy Network on 8 November 2008 as Galaxy Scotland.


List of Global Group stations


Smooth Wales

Smooth Wales is an Independent Local Radio station broadcasting to the Cardiff area of South Wales and to the Wrexham area of North Wales, as well as parts of Cheshire in England. All programming content is now shared to both areas. It is the onl ...


Your Radio

Nation Radio Scotland is an Independent Local Radio station, serving Argyll & Bute, Inverclyde and West Dunbartonshire. It is VT and is owned and operated by Nation Broadcasting Group.


Never Say Die Records artists


List of Rough Trade artists


Hudson Castle Group

Hudson Castle Group Inc. is a private, independent company formed in 1996 and is a leading provider of debt financing to the global financial institutions sector. Hudson Castle’s target market includes leading commercial banks, investment banks a ...


Lehman Brothers Venture Partners


Lehman Brothers, Kuhn, Loeb Inc.


Shearson-Lehman Brothers Senior Classic

The Shearson-Lehman Brothers Senior Classic was a golf tournament on the Champions Tour played only in 1986. It was played in Delray Beach, Florida at the Gleneagles Country Club. The purse for the tournament was US0.000, with.000 going to the wi ...




Parcels Sector, British Rail


British Rail Class 158

The British Rail Class 158 Express Sprinter is a diesel multiple-unit, built specifically for British Rail between 1989 and 1992 by British Rail Engineering Limited at its Derby Litchurch Lane Works. They were built to replace many locomotive-hau ...


British Railways Mark 1 sleeping car

The British Railways Mark 1 sleeping car was a railway sleeping car built by British Railways and outside contractors between 1957 and 1964. Three hundred and eighty cars of three different types were built, with a fourth type created later by co ...


Driving Brake Standard Open

A Driving Brake Standard Open is a type of railway carriage, converted to operate as a control car. Fourteen such vehicles, numbered 9701 to 9714, were converted from Mark 2F Brake Standard Open carriages. Modifications included adding a driving ...


Driving Van Trailer

A Driving Van Trailer is a purpose-built control car railway vehicle that allows the driver to operate a locomotive from the opposite end of a train. Trains operating with a DVT consequently do not need the locomotive to be moved around to the ot ...


NIR Class 80

The Class 80 is a type of diesel electric multiple unit formerly used by Northern Ireland Railways. They were affectionately nicknamed Slam Door Thumpers by rail enthusiasts due to the thumping noise their engines produced.The Class 80 trains ran ...


NIR Class 450

The Class 450 was a type of diesel multiple unit formerly used by Northern Ireland Railways. They were affectionately nicknamed Thumpers and Castles by rail enthusiasts.


Taiwan Railway EMU100 series

The Taiwan Railway EMU100 series was a set of rail cars fabricated by British Rail Engineering Limited and the General Electric Company in 1976 that has operated in Taiwan. The alternating current electric multiple unit fleet entered full squadro ...


British Rail ferry service


Speedlink Distribution


Eastern Region of British Railways

The Eastern Region was a region of British Railways from 1948, whose operating area could be identified from the dark blue signs and colour schemes that adorned its station and other railway buildings. Together with the North Eastern Region, it c ...


London Midland Region of British Railways

The London Midland Region was one of the six regions created on the formation of the nationalised British Railways, and initially consisted of ex-London, Midland and Scottish Railway lines in England and Wales. The region was managed first from b ...


North Eastern Region of British Railways

The North Eastern Region was a region of British Railways from 1948, whose operating area could be identified by the orange signs and colour schemes that adorned its stations and other railway buildings. It was merged with the Eastern Region in 1 ...


Scottish Region of British Railways

The Scottish Region was one of the six regions created on British Railways and consisted of ex-London, Midland and Scottish Railway and ex-London and North Eastern Railway lines in Scotland. It existed from the creation of BR in 1948, and was ren ...


Western Region of British Railways

The Western Region was a region of British Railways from 1948. The region ceased to be an operating unit in its own right on completion of the "Organising for Quality" initiative on 6 April 1992. The Region consisted principally of ex-Great Weste ...


Alexandra (Newport and South Wales) Docks and Railway

The Alexandra Docks and Railway was a company formed in 1882 from the former Newport Dock Company of 1865. There was considerable demand for dock accommodation in Newport, South Wales, chiefly for the export or coastal transport of iron ore and c ...


Berks and Hants Extension Railway


Gwendraeth Valleys Railway


Launceston and South Devon Railway


Monmouth and Hereford Railway


Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway

The Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway was an English railway company that built a standard gauge line between those places. It opened its main line in 1853. Its natural ally seemed to be the Great Western Railway. With other lines it formed a route ...


Swansea Harbour Trust


Wellington to Nantwich Railway

The Wellington to Nantwich Railway was a railway line that ran from the Wellington to Nantwich via Market Drayton. The line closed in 1967 to all traffic and the track was dismantled in 1970. The line also connected to the former Stoke-Market Dra ...


Barry Railway


Bristol and South Wales Union Railway


Lambourn Valley Railway


Rhymney Railway


GWR diesel shunters

The Great Western Railway purchased two diesel shunters, and ordered a further seven immediately prior to Nationalisation, which were delivered to British Rail in 1948-49. The two shunters used by the GWR were numbered 1 and 2, while a series com ...


GWR 101 Class

The GWR 101 Class consisted of a single experimental 0-4-0 side-tank locomotive. It was built at GWR Swindon Works under the direction of William Dean’s Chief Engineer, James Holden in 1901. Originally built as an oil-burning locomotive to demons ...


GWR 0-6-0PT

The GWR 0-6-0PT, is a type of steam locomotive built by the British Great Western Railway with the water tanks carried on both sides of the boiler, in the manner of panniers. They were used for local, suburban and branch line passenger and goods ...


GWR 7 Class


GWR 17 Class


GWR 30 Class


GWR 110 Class


GWR 111 Class


GWR 149 Class

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