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Slovenian post-punk music groups


Jiang Hongde

Jiang was born in Hengyang, Hunan, Republic of China 1912-1949, on July 4, 1942, while his ancestral home was in Changsha. He attended Changsha No.1 High School. He received his bachelors degree from Tsinghua University in 1968 and his masters de ...


Ukrainian State Institute of Mineral Resources people


Finger Rot

Cnidoscolus urens var. stimulosus, the bull nettle, spurge nettle, tread-softly or finger rot, is a perennial herb covered with stinging hairs, native to southeastern North America. A member of the family Euphorbiaceae, it is not a true nettle. I ...


Floating primrose-willow

Ludwigia peploides is a species of flowering plant in the evening primrose family known by the common names floating primrose-willow and creeping water primrose. It is native to many parts of the Americas, but it can be found on many continents a ...



Huldreslåt is a Scandinavian Folk band that was born not in Scandinavia but in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the year 2006. The musicians devote themselves to the study of the vast musical legacy of Northern Europe. Their work consists in taking me ...


2 Fabiola

2 Fabiola is a Belgian electronic dance music group, formed in 1991 by Pat Krimson and Zohra. The group was noted for its lavish and extravagant clothes and performances. It has also made the charts in the Belgian Ultratop and had success in Spai ...



Absolom was a Belgian dance project produced by Christophe Chantzis and DJ Jimmy Goldschmitz. The group was popular in Europe by the end of the 1990s. For remixer and main-producer Chantzis the project was his first major effort in the Belgian da ...



Confetti’s was a Belgian new beat band from the 1980s. Producers were Serge Ramaekers and Dominique Sas, sometimes credited as The Maxx. On stage Confetti’s was fronted by singer Peter Renkens and female dancers Marleen, Tania, Hilde and Daniella ...


Belgian trance music groups


Poesie Noire

Poesie Noire are a Belgian band that rose to prominence in the mid-80s. Their Belgian origins and tendency to develop a goth-oriented, synthetic, gloomy universe with low-pitched voices - Poesie Noire could translate by "Black/Dark Poetry" - had ...


Scoop (dance project)

Scoop was a Belgian dance group. Originally it was a solo project by producer Daniel Maze. After the first release" Wings Of Love” in 1998 Fiocco producer Jan Vervloet joined Scoop. The production was signed in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, ...


The Weathermen (band)

The Weathermen began as a joke. A couple of Americano-Belgians recorded some music and then sent it to a local record company via the US under the pretence they were a couple of enigmatic Americans trying to invade the European music scene. It wo ...


Laïs (band)

Laïs is a Flemish group that creates folk, and world music consisting of polyphonic close harmony songs, occasionally a cappella, based on self-composed melodies with lyrics dating back to the Middle Ages. "Laïs" is a Celtic word, meaning "voice".


Trio Dhoore

Chris Nickson of RootsWorld writes that the band has "grown into a central part of the European instrumental movement, influenced but not completely consumed by their native traditions". Peter Thelen of Expose writes that "their music is a beauti ...


t Hof van Commerce

t Hof van Commerce is a Belgian hip hop crew from Izegem in the province West Flanders in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium. Their name means commercial court in their local dialect. Almost all their raps/lyrics are in West Flemish, th ...


Aka Moon

Aka Moon is a Belgian jazz trio. Their name is commonly mispronounced "AKA Moon" like the acronym for "also known as". The correct pronunciation is "AH-kah MOON".


Gare du Nord (band)

Gare du Nord is a Dutch-Belgian jazz band, originally consisting of Doc and Inca. Doc played guitar and Inca played saxophone, while both performed vocal duties. After the pair split in 2013, the band continues working and touring with a differen ...


Maaks Spirit

Maak’s Spirit is a Belgian avant-gardist jazz band. They recorded their fifth album live in Ghent in 1998. The band was then composed of Jeroen Van Herzeele, Laurent Blondiau, Salvatore La Rocca and Hans Van Oosterhout. For the next two albums, t ...


Allez Allez

Allez was a successful but short lived Belgian funk band founded in 1981 and disbanded in 1985. They subsequently reformed with a line-up change for several concerts in 2017.


Arid (band)

Arid is a Belgian rock band, formed in the mid-1990s, made up of four members: Jasper Steverlinck, David Du Pre, Filip Ros and Steven Van Havere.



Berntholer is a Pop/Avant Garde band formed in Brussels, Belgium, and was active between 1981 and 1985. They were favourites of British radio DJ John Peel.


Def Dames Dope

Def Dames Dope was a girl group from Belgium during the 1990s, most successful from 1993 to 1996. They released one more single in 2002. The group was initially made up of the two sisters Larissa and Axana Ceulemans together with Yousra Lemaire n ...



Fixkes is a Belgian band from Stabroek, near Antwerp. The band mixes acoustic pop and rap in their music. In February 2007, they released their first official single, "Kvraagetaan". The single was an enormous success in Belgium and reached number ...


Botswana death metal musical groups


Faroese death metal musical groups


Faroese thrash metal musical groups


Faroese alternative rock groups


Faroese indie rock groups


Lady Bird (duo)

Lady Bird are a dance music production crew from Japan, consisting of two men, DJ Ten, a disc jockey from Hokkaido, and Kazuhisa Hirota, a music producer from Fukuoka. Lady Bird officially launched in 2007 with two members, DJ Ten, a resident DJ ...


Japanese Eurodance groups


Puff Dragon

Puff Dragon is a downtempo and ambient music project by Steve Good. Originally from Wales, Steve moved to Japan in 1995, where he currently lives. Steves other projects include Double Dragon, as well as two full-length albums: Continuum on London ...


Sketch Show (band)

Sketch Show is a Japanese duo formed in 2002 by two of the three former members of Yellow Magic Orchestra, Haruomi Hosono and Yukihiro Takahashi. In some live shows, Ryuichi Sakamoto has joined in band performances. "Similar to Yellow Magic Orche ...


Torpedo Boyz

The Torpedo Boyz are a German/Japanese electronic musical duo. They have released several albums, most notably Headache Music and Cum On Feel the Boyz. Torpedo Boyzs Headache Music was nominated for the 7th Annual Independent Music Awards for bes ...


Japanese electronic rock musical groups


Japanese electropop groups


Japanese art rock groups


Japanese noise rock groups


Japanese post-rock groups


Bad Hop (Japanese group)


East End X Yuri

East End × Yuri was a short-lived collaboration between Japanese hip hop group East End and singer Yuri Ichii, ex-member of J-pop girl group Tokyo Performance Doll.



Midicronica is a Japanese musical rap group. The band consists of four members known as "#894", "#181", "#716" and "#563". The band has collaborated with many other artists such as Shin-ski of Martiangang, Sonomi, Gumuna, La Melomania etc. The me ...



Ya-kyim is a Japanese R&B and hip hop group. The group consists of one MC, Miku, and two singers, Alisa and Yurie. Ya-kyim disbanded in 31 December 2012.


Naniwa Express

Naniwa Express was a Japanese jazz fusion group active from 1977 to 1986. According to The New Grove Dictionary of Jazz it was "one of the most successful jazz fusion bands in Japan". The group was founded by Ko Shimizu and Kazuhiko Iwami, with K ...


Orange Pekoe (band)

Orange Pekoe is a Japanese music duo which formed in 1998, and had its first major debut in 2002, with the single "Happy Valley". The band is named for orange pekoe, a type of tea.


United Future Organization

United Future Organization is a nu-jazz trio made up of Japanese-born Tadashi Yabe, Toshio Matsuura and Frenchman Raphael Sebbag. In 1994, the group appeared on the Red Hot Organizations compilation album, Stolen Moments: Red Hot + Cool. The albu ...



On March 14, 2014, the official website announced that Amoyamo would no longer be working together.


Aurora Gonin Musume

Aurora Gonin Musume was a short-lived J-Pop group, that made their debut on 7 April 1993 with the single "Cool Love". The groups members were Chiemi Chiba, Reiko Chiba, Ichiko Hashimoto, Maki Yamashita and Reiko Yamashita. Ichiko Hashimoto 橋本 ...


Billie Idle

Billie Idle was a Japanese female pop group that was founded in 2015 and disbanded at the end of 2019. They were produced by Nigo and Watanabe Junnosuke.


Deka Moni

Deka Moni was a Japanese group consisting of one member, volleyball player Motoko Obayashi, presumably chosen because of her height. She appears four times on the single cover to give the impression of a group with four members. Although Deka Mon ...

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