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Desi Piscatella




Eliqua Maxwell


Erin Sikowitz


Flaca Gonzales


Flaca Gonzalez


Gina Murphy (OITNB)


Gloria Mendoza


Janae Watson


Joe Caputo


Joel Luschek


Joseph Caputo (OITNB)


Kubra Balik


Larry Bloom


Leanne Taylor (OITNB)


Lolly Whitehill




Balsam birds-foot trefoil

Hosackia stipularis, synonym Lotus stipularis, is a species of legume endemic to California. It is known by the common name balsam birds-foot trefoil. It is found in most of the northern and central coastal and inland mountain ranges and foothill ...


Maria Ruiz (OITNB)


Marisol Gonzales


Maritza Ramos


Maureen Kukudio


Mei Chang


Natalie Figueroa


Norma Romano


Polly Harper






Red Reznikov


Sam Healy (Orange Is The New Black)


Scott ONeill (OITNB)


Sister Ingalls


Stella Carlin


Susan Fischer


Tasha Jefferson




Tricia Miller


Vince Muccio


Wade Donaldson


Wanda Bell


Yoga Jones


Yvonne Parker


Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

The Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a senior United States government position in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The office is second in command to the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If the Direct ...


Prefects of the Apostolic Signatura


Allister Adel


Gerald Shea


District attorneys in Cumberland County, Maine


Albany County District Attorneys


Onondaga County District Attorneys


Oswego County District Attorneys

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