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Poets from Sichuan


Poets from Xinjiang


Poets from Yunnan


Poets from Zhejiang


Samuel Austin (poet)

He was the son of Thomas Austin, Esq., of Lostwithiel, Cornwall. He entered Exeter College, Oxford, in 1623, at the age of seventeen, took the degree of B.A. in 1627, and that of M.A. in 1630, "about which time, being numbered with the Levites," ...


Herbert Elliott Pearce

Herbert Elliott Pearce was an English poet from Gloucester. He published two books on poetry: "Humorous verse and stories in rhyme" Albert E Smith, Gloucester 1957 and "Poems and Rhymes" Arthur H Stockwell, 1953. Pearce was injured with the Royal ...


James Yates (poet)

James Yates, poet, describes himself in the dedication of his only known volume as a "serving man", and no further details of his biography have been discovered. Park conjectured that he came from Suffolk on the ground that "he addressed verses t ...


Poets Club

The Poets Club was a group devoted to the discussion of poetry. It met in London in the early years of the twentieth century. It was founded by Henry Simpson, a banker. T. E. Hulme helped set up the group in 1908, and was its first secretary. Hul ...


An Collins

An Collins is an English poet, and the otherwise unknown author credited with the authorship of Divine Songs and Meditacions, a collection of poems and prose meditations published in 1653.


Anne Wheathill

Anne Wheathill was an English poet known for A Handful of Holesome Hearbs, a collection of forty-nine prayers. A Handful of Holesome Hearbs is the first nonaristocratic English gentlewomans book of prayers. Characteristic to the period, the Refor ...


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Poets from Assam


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Poets from Goa


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John Stark (actor)

John Starcevic, known by the stage name John Stark, is a Canadian stage actor and producer most noted for his long-running one-man show which he performed in character as writer Stephen Leacock. Originally from Rossland, British Columbia, he is a ...


Andrew Huculiak

Andrew Huculiak is a Canadian musician and film director. His debut feature film Violent, released in 2014, won the Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award for Best British Columbia Film in 2014 and was named to the Toronto International Film Festiva ...


Television series produced by Usama Mukwaya


Brazilian rhythm and blues singer-songwriters


Strawberry Blonde (band)

Strawberry Blonde is a Danish singer / songwriter duo from Odense on Funen, consisting of the twins Betina and Anja Folleslev. The name of the group comes from their natural hair color which is sandy or as some calls it Strawberry Blonde. Since 2 ...


Tasha Baxter (singer)

Tasha Baxter is a South African singer-songwriter. She won Newcomer of the Year and Best Pop Album at the 14th South African Music Award.


Norman Beasley

Norman Beasley was an American journalist and author, best known for writing biographies. He also served in the United States Army as a Colonel.


Ken Fuson

Fuson was born in 1956 and he grew up in Granger, Iowa. He dropped out of the University of Missouri and became a journalist. Fuson began his career at the Columbia Daily Tribune. He worked for The Des Moines Register from 1981 to 1995, The Balti ...


James Andrew Miller (journalist)

James Andrew Miller is an American investigative journalist. He has worked for The Washington Post as a reporter, as Special Assistant and Chief Speechwriter to Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker, and Executive VP of Original Programming for USA ...


Harvey Newbranch


Eyal Press


Evan Puschak

Evan Puschak is an American video essayist and journalist and creator of the YouTube channel The NerdWriter. Previously he was a multimedia editor at MSNBC and hosted the Discovery Channel show Seeker Daily.


William Reginald Hipwell

Hipwell was the founder and editor of Reveille, a barrack room newspaper for the fighting forces", and stood as an Independent Progressive in four Parliamentary by-elections during the Second World War when the major parties honoured a war time e ...


Brian Bourns

Brian V. Bourns is a former Canadian politician. He was an Ottawa City Councillor from 1975 to 1985, serving on the citys Board of Control from 1978 to 1980 before it was abolished.


Erik Martiny

Erik Martiny is a Franco-Irish-Swedish novelist, academic and journalist who teaches at the Lycee Henri IV in Paris. His reviews on art and literature have appeared in The Times Literary Supplement, The London Magazine, The Cambridge Quarterly, W ...

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