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Mathieu group M24

In the area of modern algebra known as group theory, the Mathieu group M 24 is a sporadic simple group of order 2 10 3 5 7 11 23 = 244823040 ≈ 2 × 10 8.


McLaughlin sporadic group

In the area of modern algebra known as group theory, the McLaughlin group McL is a sporadic simple group of order 2 7 ⋅ 3 6 ⋅ 5 3 ⋅ 7 ⋅ 11 = 898.128.000 ≈ 9 × 10 8.


Miracle Octad Generator

In mathematics, the Miracle Octad Generator, or MOG, is a mathematical tool introduced by Curtis for manipulating the Mathieu groups, binary Golay code and Leech lattice.


ONan group

In the area of abstract algebra known as group theory, the ONan group ON or ONan–Sims group is a sporadic simple group of order 2 9 3 4 5 7 3 11 19 31 = 460815505920 ≈ 5 × 10 11.


Rudvalis group

In the area of modern algebra known as group theory, the Rudvalis group Ru is a sporadic simple group of order 2 14 3 5 3 7 13 29 = 145926144000 ≈ 1 × 10 11.


Suzuki sporadic group

In the area of modern algebra known as group theory, the Suzuki group Suz or Sz is a sporadic simple group of order 2 13 3 7 5 2 7 11 13 = 448345497600 ≈ 4 × 10 11.


Thompson sporadic group

In the area of modern algebra known as group theory, the Thompson group Th is a sporadic simple group of order 2 15 3 10 5 3 7 2 13 19 31 = 90745943887872000 ≈ 9 × 10 16.


Tits group

In group theory, the Tits group 2 F 4 ′, named for Jacques Tits, is a finite simple group of order 2 11 3 5 2 13 = 17971200 ≈ 2 × 10 7. It is sometimes considered a 27th sporadic group.


Lamplighter group

The name of the group comes from viewing the group as acting on a doubly infinite sequence of street lamps …, l − 2, l − 1, l 0, l 1, l 2, l 3, … {\displaystyle \dots,l_{-2},l_{-1},l_{0},l_{1},l_{2},l_{3},\dots } each of which may be on or off, a ...


Quotient object


Quotient set


Assumed bit


Base-65536 floating point


Cohort (floating point)


Floating-point emulation


Hidden bit


Implicit bit



The Anatinae are a subfamily of the family Anatidae. Its surviving members are the dabbling ducks, which feed mainly at the surface rather than by diving. The other members of the Anatinae are the extinct moa-nalo, a young but highly apomorphic l ...



Malacorhynchus is a genus of duck within the family Anatidae. It has one living species, the pink-eared duck, while one species, Scarletts duck, became extinct in New Zealand in the 16th century.


Aix (genus)


























Diving duck

The diving ducks, commonly called pochards or scaups, are a category of duck which feed by diving beneath the surface of the water. They are part of Anatidae, the diverse and very large family that includes ducks, geese, and swans. The diving duc ...


Whistling duck

The whistling ducks or tree ducks are a subfamily, Dendrocygninae, of the duck, goose and swan family of birds, Anatidae. They are not true ducks. In other taxonomic schemes, they are considered a separate family, Dendrocygnidae. Some taxonomists ...











† B. delautouri Forbes, 1892 – New Zealand musk duck – previously endemic to New Zealand, and occurring on both North and South Islands, but now extinct.



The Tadorninae is the shelduck-sheldgoose subfamily of the Anatidae, the biological family that includes the ducks and most duck-like waterfowl such as the geese and swans. This group is largely tropical or Southern Hemisphere in distribution, wi ...










Lion of God Ministry


Mahar Regiment

The Mahar Regiment is an infantry regiment of the Indian Army. Although it was originally intended to be a regiment consisting of troops from the Mahar community of Maharashtra, however nowadays the Mahar regiment is composed of dalit communities ...


Adaptive reuse of industrial structures in Montreal



NDSM is a neighborhood in Amsterdam, Netherlands located on the former terrain of the Nederlandsche Dok en Scheepsbouw Maatschappij shipbuilding company. It sits in the Amsterdam-Noord borough beside the IJ river and can be reached by ferry from ...


Callowhill, Philadelphia

Callowhill is a neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is roughly located in the vicinity of Callowhill Street, between Vine Street, Spring Garden Street, Broad Street, and 8th Street. It is named for Hannah Callowhill Penn, William Penns ...


Chevy Commons

Chevy Commons is a park along the Flint River between downtown Flint, Michigan, and Kettering University. Formerly the site of a Chevrolet factory widely known as "Chevy in the Hole", it has been redeveloped and revitalized since 2015 as event sp ...

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