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Eli Stram


Su Ming


Anya Suvarov


Yuri Suvarov


Henry Taylor (24 character)


Marianne Taylor


Alexander Trepkos


Carrie Turner (character)


Joseph Wald


Renee Walker

Renee Walker is a fictional character on the TV series 24, portrayed by Annie Wersching. She is an FBI special agent, and appeared in both season 7 and season 8.


Ray Wallace (24 character)


Richard Walsh (24 character)


Bob Warner (24)


Kate Warner (24 character)


Marie Warner (24)


Carl Webb (24 character)


Arthur Welton


Alan Wilson (24 character)


Spenser Wolff


Nadia Yassir


Alan York


Janet York


Zhou (24 character)


AJ Dungo

AJ Dungo is an American surfer and illustrator known for his 2019 graphic novel In Waves. While writing In Waves, Dungo was a CMF designer for a footwear manufacturer. The book was originally an art school project about surfer Tom Blake, but expa ...


Jen Lee (cartoonist)

Jen Lee is a cartoonist, illustrator, and author. Her works include Thunderpaw: In the Ashes of Fire Mountain, Vacancy, Garbage Night, and At the Edge of the Stream at Dusk.


Fung Wan (disambiguation)

Fung Wan or The Storm Riders or Wind and Cloud may refer to Storm Rider Clash of the Evils, a 2008 animated film Wind and Cloud, a Taiwanese TV series released in 2002 The Storm Riders, a 1999 film Fung Wan, a Manhua Chinese comic series by Ma Wi ...




Thargs Future Shocks

Thargs Future Shocks is a long-running series of short strips in the British weekly comic 2000 AD in 1977. The name originates from the fictional editor of 2000 AD and the book titled Future Shock, written by Alvin Toffler, published in 1970.


Rogue Trooper


Richie Wraggs

Richie Wraggs was a comic strip character in the British comic Jackpot. He appeared with his black cat, Lucky. Richie had similarities to IPCs Bumpkin Billionaires Comic Strip and drawn by the same artist Mike Lacey. Starting from Jackpot Comics ...


Transformers (Marvel UK)


Amazon (comic book)


Assassins (comic book)


Bat-Thing (comic book)


Bruce Wayne Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.


Bullets and Bracelets


Challengers of the Fantastic (comic book)


Dark Claw Adventures


Doctor Strangefate (comic book)


Exciting X-Patrol


Generation Hex (comic book)


Iron Lantern (comic book)


JLX (comic book)


JLX Unleashed


Legends of the Dark Claw


Lobo the Duck (comic book)


Magneto and the Magnetic Men


Speed Demon (comic book)


Spider-Boy (comic book)


Spider-Boy Team-Up

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