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Andre Drazen


Victor Drazen


Erin Driscoll


Ike Dubaku


Robert Ellis (24 character)


Ivan Erwich


Mamud Rasheed Faheen


Jamey Farrell


Abu Fayed


Ira Gaines


Hal Gardner


Sarah Gavin


Arlo Glass


Dmitri Gredenko


Alberta Green


Conrad Haas (24 character)


Mohmar Habib


Brad Hammond


Teddy Hanlin


Valerie Harris (24 character)


Christopher Henderson (character)


Claudia Hernandez (24 character)


Sean Hillinger


Diane Huxley


Ethan Kanin


Adam Kaufman (24 character)


Maureen Kingsley


Peter Kingsley (24 character)


Koo Yin


Lynne Kresge


Barry Landes


Thomas Lennox


Tom Lennox


Ronnie Lobell


Joseph Malina


Mandy (24 character)


Anatoly Markov


Evelyn Martin (24)


Habib Marwan


George Mason (24 character)


Gary Matheson


Jonathon Matijevich


Ule Matobo


Max (24 character)


Darren McCarthy (24 character)


Lynn McGill


Lonnie McRae


Nina Meyers


Nina Miers


Lisa Miller (24)

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